Sue Topping graduated from the EnergyTouch™ School of Advanced Healing in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a certified practitioner as well as a Reiki Master, and a graduate of the Healer Development Program in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Sue’s journey through her son’s years of illness led her along conventional medical pathways as well as unconventional ones. Her experiences led her to a broadened sense of the spiritual aspects of healing and her quest in lifelong learning led her to the steps of EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing. The story of her journey will be published.


My philosophy of healing is to humbly serve the highest good of my client. Like the nib of a pen that facilitates ink with paper, my role is to facilitate the life forces of the universe with the client’s healing needs. EnergyTouch Healing ™ is used off the body and accesses the outer levels of energy that is part of the human existence. By keeping these fields of energy whole and in balance with the physical body, well-being can be achieved.


As an EnergyTouch healer, I am trained to:

    •Work with disease on a cellular level

    •Access outer level tools and energies

    •Work with diseased cells on the DNA level

    •Pull viruses on the RNA level

    •Move effortlessly between levels of the field

    •Change the physiology of organs in the physical body

    •Work off the body by means of the Hologram

    •Release belief systems that no longer serve

    •Work with the earth grids, universal grids, plants & animals

    •Connect with their “Higher Self” Spiritual Guide and Guardian Angel

    •Give my client the skills to deal with the emotional issues that are the root cause of many diseases and illnesses

Susan Topping

About Sue Topping
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